This Month's Project

Each month we have a new project for you to try. To make life a little easier, we have put all the items used in the project in one handy place.

Happy Father's Day
Remember the days gone by when making a home movie involved your Dad and a Cine Camera!


Equipment Needed

Carefully fold the card so that the wording stands up.

Using an ink pad and a sponge age the card by working around the edges.

To age the inside use a piece of paper to mask off the card you don't want to age.

Add colour to the wording being careful where the letters join. If any letters break apart don't worry as they will be glued to the card. 
Once the ink has dried glue the wording into place. The wording can be glued flat to the card or glued with silicone glue to lift the wording away from the card.

With the background paper cut 4 oblongs measuring 6cm x 10.5cm, 6cm x 5cm, 5.5cm x 3.5cm and 5.5cm x 1.5cm.

Glue onto the card, the largest oblong on the left and the 3 oblongs going down the right with the largest at the top.
Add the embellishments to the main card. If you are using decoupage you can either glue your shapes into place with silicone glue or foam pads.

Add extra embeliishments to the backing paper by the wording. 

Once your card is dry carefully fold it up and it is ready to give to a Dad in a million.


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