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Elevate your crafting projects with a touch of elegance using our exquisite 9" x 4" peel off sheet, available in both dazzling gold and refined silver. This sheet features lovely rope-inspired borders and intricate corner designs that are tailor-made for adding the perfect finishing touch to your handcrafted creations.

The rope borders exude a timeless charm, gracefully encircling your artwork with a touch of nautical allure. These borders not only frame your projects but also evoke a sense of adventure, making them ideal for anything from travel-themed creations to rustic designs.

The intricate corner designs, on the other hand, bring an extra layer of sophistication to your crafts. With their delicate details, they effortlessly elevate your projects, turning them into exquisite works of art. These corners are a testament to the care and attention you invest in your creations.

Whether you're designing handmade cards, scrapbooking cherished memories, or working on other craft projects, this peel off sheet is your secret weapon for achieving a polished and professional look. The versatility of the rope borders and corner designs ensures they blend seamlessly with any theme or style, allowing your creativity to shine through.

Choose between the opulent allure of gold or the timeless sophistication of silver – each peel off sheet is a canvas awaiting your artistic touch. Don't miss the chance to add a touch of refined elegance to your crafts. Elevate your projects today with our 9" x 4" peel off sheet and experience the transformation as your creations come to life with exquisite rope borders and corner designs.


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Rope Border & Corners Peel Off

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