Let's Get Sentimental!

Let's face it, a card without a sentiment is well, just a card. The sentiment is the bride and groom on top of the cake, it let's the person you are sending your wonderful creation to, know why they have received it, the finale. Sometimes it's obvious like a birthday or anniversary but even then, having the sentiment is the final piece. 

So as a crafter, what are your options for adding sentiments? We've picked 3 of our favourite and have listed them below, along with the pros and cons of each one.


Peel Offs
Rubber Stamps
Metal Dies


Peel Offs

Peel offs are sheets of stickers that come with multiple sentiments on one page. If you are just starting out then these are inexpensive and you will get a wide variety for under £5.


Inexpensive to buy

Multiple sentiments on one sheet

Can be purchased with a variety of sentiments on a sheet

Alphabet & numbers are available for personalisation

Easy to store

Can be carefully lifted if not pressed down

Come with glitter and other textures.


Generally come in gold and silver, although silver can be coloured with permanent markers

Once they've gone, they need replacing

Can be fiddly to remove from the sheet







Rubber Stamps

Rubber stamps are a great way for adding sentiments. There will be more of an initial outlay as you will need a block if the stamps aren't mounted and you will need an ink pad. 


Can be stamped onto matching card to the base card

Different coloured ink can be used 

Alphabet & numbers available to personalise 

Sentiments sometimes come with a design so your card will co-ordinate

You can get rubber stamping systems to ensure perfect placement

Embossing and other techniques can be used to enhance the surface of the stamped image


Initial outlay is higher than for peel offs

You may get bored with using the same design

Once the stamp has been stamped, it is permanent

More items to store, the stamp, block and ink pad




Metal Die Systems

Metal die systems are of great benefit to a crafter, however they are costly to purchase and the machines can be heavy. A die cutting machine is basically a mangle, which you feed a sandwich of boards through with the metal die and paper in the middle. The die will be cut out of the paper as it feeds through the machine. 


Can be moved around before finally gluing in place

Alphabet & numbers available to personalise your cards

Some dies come with a shadow which is a backing to the wording

Different papers can be used to create different affects

Smaller dies can be inexpensive

There are a variety of different designs

Most machines come with an embossing sandwich so the sentiment can be embossed


Can be costly to purchase

May get fed up with the same design

Storage may be an issue

The die cut machines can be heavy so make sure you can lift them







These are just a few of our thoughts, let us know if we've missed anything or tell us how you like to make your sentiments.

Happy Crafting


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